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Ci-joint le communiqué officiel de la présidente de Heal the World Foundation Melissa Johnson qui rencontre quelques difficultés avec les exécuteurs testatmentaires de MJ. En effet les exécuteurs testamentaires souhaitent attaquer HTWF de prouver quelques malversations, vols etc, afin qu'il ne soit plus dans les listes des bénéficiaires.
Un procès est en cours et Melissa souhaite lever une armée "Michael's army" pour les contrecarrer et faire perdurer la fondation si chere au coeur de MJ.
Ci-dessous le communiqué:
"Dear friends and guests,

First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your letters and emails of support, for your love and loyalty to HTWF, its mission and Mr. Jackson’s humanitarian legacy.

I also want to thank you for your patience with us in times when we could not give you more information about the lawsuit against us by the Jackson Estate Executors. Our silence and everything we have done has been to protect and preserve HTWF for Mr. Jackson’s humanitarian legacy and for the world.

Although we still cannot disclose much at this time, we are going to be asking for your support during our upcoming trial, as we fight to save HTWF and we hope you will follow the trial closely and learn the truth.

These past several months have been particularly difficult since Mr. Jackson’s death and in this time of our own personal mourning we have been attacked incessantly and aggressively by those that seek to take the charity away from the volunteers who have spent over a decade fighting to preserve it for him and the world.

We have been publicly slandered, falsely accused of things that are too terrible to speak of and a great damage has been done to the HTWF’s image with these outrageous lies spreading throughout the world, with no regard to how it will harm the Charity.

In the wake of an enormous battle ahead, we remain faithful and steadfast in our resolve to protect Mr. Jackson’s humanitarian legacy and the Charity that aims to make sure he is remembered for the humanitarian luminary he has been and remains today, immortalized in spirit.

We have not been able to defend ourselves yet, but our day is coming, the truth will come out in court and the integrity and love of HTWF volunteers will be evident to the world and so will the truth about those that have called us liars and thieves.

We want our members and Michael Jackson fans to know strait up, that they have been lied to by the Estate Attorneys and the reason is not for the sake of ‘protecting’ HTWF or Michael’s brands, as they claim, but for greed, for power and control.

As you follow the upcoming trial, please be mindful of a few things:

First, the Jackson Estate Executors DO NOT REPRESENT:

Michael Jackson’s desires: Please do not confuse the beauty and Character of Mr. Jackson with the attorneys who run his estate currently, let their actions define who they are and if they are honorable.

The Jackson Family: The Jackson Family are the beneficiaries of Jackson’s estate’s earnings, they have little control over what happens to Jackson’s name, image, or merchandising and are NOT involved with this lawsuit.
HTWF is being sued by the Jackson Estate Executors, NOT by the Jackson family or any of its representatives, neither by Mr. Jackson in person or his posthumous representatives, nor any of his children or custodians of his children or their representatives.

When we learned just this little bit, we asked ourselves:

So who is representing Mr. Jackson?
Are these good guys?
Are these guys going to do right by his name and legacy?
Are these guys going to do right by the Jackson family?
Are these guys interested in preserving Mr. Jackson’s humanitarian legacy?
Like you, HTWF volunteer staff did not know the answers to these questions when Mr. Jackson first passed away. After seven months of history with the new Jackson Executors in charge, we have the answers, and you will get them soon as well, as we go to court to prove our integrity and defend our honor. We will not only prove our integrity, but also our love for the cause we are supporting and our honesty in doing it. The facts to be revealed during the trial will answer the questions above to the world a lot better than we can.

The Official Launch of MICHAEL’S ARMY
HTWF’s past decade of developing initiatives and all of our work in preparing them for public launch was brought to a screeching halt at his death, and now with having this nefarious lawsuit against us, we have no choice but to fight them with everything we have, so as to protect the Charity and Mr. Jackson’s humanitarian legacy.

Michael’s ARMY is the Primary HTWF initiative, and was never meant to be launched without Mr. Jackson,
calling out to his fans first and then the world to join him in battle against the great atrocities and preventable pain that plagues the helpless.

It is with great pain and disappointment to us that he is not the one to launch the life-blood of his humanitarian legacy, his HTWF and ARMY, but we feel that he would want us to rally his soldiers of love and harness their support against an enemy who threatens to bring down a great good for mankind and destroy its potential for human improvement.

Without Mr. Jackson being personally involved and without his financial support to launch HTWF and its primary initiative, Michael's ARMY, now seven months after his passing, traditional fundraising, confined to the nonprofit sector, would not be sufficient for HTWF to accomplish its robust infrastructure or fight a monster with deeper pockets than ours alone, primarily because it was designed specifically for Mr. Jackson's participation, direction and support.

The first battle to face HTWF and its volunteers is a legal fight for Mr. Jackson’s charity, its brands and its other intellectual property.

Currently, guided by love and inspiration, HTWF belongs solely to HTWF Volunteers and his ARMY of loyal fans, HTWF members and all those around the world with no voice and in need of life saving help.

HTWF does NOT belong to, nor is under the control of the Michael Jackson Estate executors. For HTWF Staff and Volunteers, this is not business, this is about Michael’s humanitarian legacy and about saving and improving lives.

Therefore, we are going to battle and we earnestly request the support of everyone who believes in same goals that brought HTWF and its affiliates into existence.

HTWF is the last witness of Michael’s humanitarian aims and goals and its vehicle to accomplish them. We need your help to prevent the foundation from falling into the wrong hands or being utterly destroyed.

What can one person do?
Not much in this case, but MICHAEL’S ARMY UNITED in purpose, can prevail here and then we will do what Michael would want his ARMY to do and that is set out to battle other evils, with his spirit leading the movement, a UNITED FLEET to HEAL THE WORLD.

This initiative was meant for Mr. Jackson’s personal launch, for him to invite HTWF members and his precious fans first, even before it was launched to the general public.

Michael loved his fans sincerely and to HTWF they are even more precious, because they will lead his Army someday, to save millions of lives and march forward to the rest of the world, to save even more.

Michael’s ARMY will be a members’ only association soon and membership will be accepted by invitation only, not open to the public, like it is right now. Michael Jackson fans and HTWF members are the first invited to join, before there will be requirements to gain membership.

For now, we invite HTWF members and Michael Jackson fans to be among the first to join the Army and by doing just that, you can help us save the charity.

Michael’s ARMY was designed to be the lifeblood of his charity and to support nearly every initiative in some way. Without Mr. Jackson here to defend us, we need his ARMY more than ever, during our first great battle ahead.

HTWF currently has tens of thousands of proponents all around the world who also are Michael Jackson fans – this invitation is for them especially.

We invite you to join MICHAEL’S ARMY and do what you can to help us keep HTWF safe with those that recognize the value of this foundation, for future generations and for the sake of mankind.

The membership fees collected from Michael’s ARMY and the DEFENSE FUND account we
have set up for donations will go to our legal fees, and be vital to our capacity to defend ourselves for the duration.

The Estate Executors have Michael’s money and all the power of his estate to fight us and persuade the public they are acting honorably in attacking HTWF and trying to take the Charity from those who cannot match their resources, but they do not have Michael’s Character and they better be ready for a fight, because no amount of money or power is going to insulate them from the truth

In this exclusive invitation to JOIN the OFFICIAL MICHAEL’S ARMY the following apply to HTWF members:

Opportunities in the ARMY that no other generation of ARMY members will have.
You can join MICHAEL’S ARMY as a founding member, if you are among the first 100 to join. Later on, there will be serious perks for all founding members and your name will be next to ours on a special plaque for history's sake.
As an HTWF MEMBER or a Michael Jackson fan member, you can join Michaels ARMY at the executive level, (Called the Commander membership) for the cost of the recruit level, for the as long as you wish to stay with HTWF and Michael’s Army as a donor.

The membership fees are:

1.95mo –for recruit
9.95 mo for field Officer
19.95mo for Commander
If you are already an HTWF Donor member or an Executive Donor MEMBER, you DO NOT have to pay ANY monthly fee for Michael’s Army. We will send out a special promo code to all donor members to join for free for as long as you wish to stay with HTWF and Michael’s Army as a donor.

For those CURRENT donor members ONLY, if you decide that you want to support HTWF in its battle to save the charity, and DO sign up at the recruit level payment in Michael’s ARMY, then you will automatically become a founding member in MICHAEL’S ARMY for life.

We have set up a special Defense Fund Account, the page can be found on the website, for those of you who can afford to donate any amount to our legal fund. It will be greatly appreciated, as this battle in total, will be impossible for us to afford without your support.

With my deepest gratitude,

Melissa Johnson,
President of HTWF

P.S. Due to the recent media scrutiny directed at us in connection to the lawsuit, you will not be able to view the details of the ARMY at this time, until you are an official member. In viewing the website as a non-member, many pages will not be accessible.
Candice Loves MJ

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